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The legal business is changing fast, creating new challenges for lawyers. Starting from the idea that all threats are opportunities we help you to innovate and improve your firm


Together with Align Coaching and with KnowToGrow Legal we coach you and your colleagues in improving the way you provide legal assistance to your clients and how you work together within the firm. For all information on the way we work and our pricing please contact us.


The Future Is Now is an initiative by Ben Houdmont

Ben Houdmont


The Future Is Now is an initiative by Ben Houdmont


The Future is Now

“The Future is Now” was founded in 2005 by Ben Houdmont, to help managers and management teams in the b2b publishing sector, to manage the necessary adaptations to the fast-changing environment, following the development of the Internet and its impact on the publishing industry. For many years “The Future is Now” dedicated itself on an exclusive basis to the management of renowned publishing outfits such as Groupe De Boeck (at that time owner of Larcier) and Journal Du Médecin Artsenkrant (owned successively by UBM and Roularta Group).

Adapting to the ever-shifting demands of the markets we now offer two services. On the one hand, through our sister organization KnowToGrow Legal, we help lawyers in defining and implementing new marketing and business development strategies. On the other hand we coach law firms through the exciting processes of change. Change is hard work. But change is also a lot of fun.


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